Our portable, wireless LPS system can be set up in 15 minutes in any training ground or stadium in the world and deliver premium, low latency data from Smart Balls and player wearables.

Portability & Flexibility

The Sportable systems portability gives any team the ability to utilize and measure performance.

Entire teams can now utilize one system across all teams, providing premium data that measures player and team performance both in training and on matchdays.


Leverage across all practice fields based on wear and tear, allowing for different teams to use the system as, when and where required.

Live on-field feedback

All data is available live on mobile devices for real time, on-field field back and coaching intervention.

Away training

Easy to use system for camp periods or away training session.


Provide scouts with tools to objectively and consistently assess recruitment prospects while on the road.

Cost effective

Our multi-team usage combined with our affordable system and license costs means we offer a highly competitive per user cost versus other technology providers.


Visualisation and
analysis software

Our simple and intuitive software allows our partners to action insights on the fly as well as analyse deeper patterns developed as more data is collected over time.



All data, raw and events, can be easily ingested by industry partners in video analysis, data aggregators or broadcast via API, MQTT or CSV.