Nobody transforms sporting action into consumer engagement like Sportable. By unlocking sport’s underlying insights, we kickstart a flywheel of value-creation for media, fantasy, teams and leagues.

Transforming smart football data into coaching insights

Using real-time raw data from the Smart Football and Sportable analytics capability, teams will be able to automate key performance metrics to drive player development and performance.
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It's a revolution.

Our technology measures sporting action down to the finest detail – how fast a rugby ball is spinning. How fast a boxer throws a punch. How far off the ground an Aussie Rules footballer catches the ball. The top speed an NFL wide receiver reaches.  

Digging out the hidden stats drives monetization opportunities for everyone.

Tech that talks.

Sportable owns a number of unique, patented technologies – a portable wireless system that can be broadcast-ready in minutes. Proprietary smart technology and analytics platform. A micro-tracking module built into smart balls and clothing. An AI Event Detector that turns on-pitch events into
on-screen graphics in seconds.

A partnership model tuned for results

Leagues and teams, sporting goods manufacturers, broadcasters and media companies. Anyone in the sports ecosystem can leverage our data to drive their own performance – whether that is on the pitch or on the balance sheet, in the studio or behind the scenes. Sportable is helping to create new forms of engagement and new revenue.