A fully portable, real-time, 3D player and ball tracking solution. Now available on
AWS Wavelength

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and Fans

We are re-invigorating the game for viewers at home and fans in the stadium.

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and teams

Elevate team strategy, improve technical skills and save time.

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Ball tracking

The ball is the conductor of the orchestra. Understanding ball movement is critical to building knowledge when playing and watching our favourite sports. We have partnered with leaders in the field, Gilbert Rugby and Steeden, to bring ball tracking data to Union and League.

Player tracking

Sportable's Player Tracking Elevates team performance through
cm level tracking accuracy and frustration-free setup.

impact wearable

Measures forces in scrums, tackles and body checks delivering
objective insights for coaches and fans.

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“Useful for officials... intriguing for fans... invaluable for coaches” - Forbes

“The Smart Ball that can track kicks and spot a forward pass.” - The Times

“No more arguing about offside decisions and forward passes.” - The Economist