Euro 2012 Group D Preview

Last, but certainly not least, we have the motley crew of Group D.  With a pleasant mix of controversy (England and France, looking at you) plus a dash of mystery, Group D promises to have some fireworks in the group stage.  France has been on a roll lately and will be the favorite to win the group, but don’t expect the English or the Swedes to just roll over and settle for second.  I’m not giving Ukraine a chance and there’s no two ways to cut that. [click to continue…]

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Euro 2012 Group C Preview

Group C contains an interesting mixture of traditional powerhouses (Italy, Spain) and up-and-coming teams (Croatia, Ireland). While it would be unexpected to see anyone but Italy and Spain advance, both Croatia and Ireland can play these teams tight and  spring an upset. [click to continue…]


Euro 2012 Group B Preview

Ah, the Group of Death. There’s one in every major international soccer tournament, and Euro 2012 is no exception. All four teams in the group (#2 Germany, #4 Netherlands, #5 Portugal and #10 Denmark) are ranked in the top ten of the Fifa World Rankings. Without further ado, here’s a little more about each country to get you acquainted for Group B action, which kicks off Saturday. [click to continue…]


Euro 2012 Group A Preview

Here at Sportable we’ll be previewing the upcoming European Championships in our own unique way. We’ll give you reasons to root for/against a team by using reasons mostly unrelated to soccer. We’ll get things started with the group of Eastern European countries that nobody cares about or as it’s more commonly known, Group A. [click to continue…]

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Your Stanley Cup Finals Drinking Game

Hockey is known for a few things: mullets, toothless goons, fights, but it is also known for drinking. We here at Sportable enjoy hockey (occasionally) and drinking (often) so we decided to combine these two past times into a drinking game, just in time for the Stanley Cup finals.

In the spirit of hockey we would normally suggest playing this game with Labatt or Molson. However, since only American teams are left, feel free to crack open a Budweiser or two or fifteen if you wish.

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