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A new class of digital assets that rightsholders can monetise and sponsors can white label.


 We work with rightsholders, broadcasters and graphics providers to deliver a seamless experience from pitch to living room. 


Our automated officiating solutions instantly alert officials to infringements so momentum isn't lost on slow and clunky decision making.

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“Varsity Cup is all about ‘sportainment’, a true combination of sport and entertainment. The statistics from the trial of the ‘smart-ball’ allow our viewers to be engaged and entertained in a new and exciting way”

‘Collaborating with the Sportable team was a straightforward and painless experience, from the initial planning and integration through to a plug and play solution at venue. The combination of Sportable’s rich data sets and AE’s unrivalled experience in the presentation of live graphics resulted in compelling and innovative on-air content.’

“ From the onset of Varsity Cup the vision has been to innovate towards improving the game itself and creating an exceptional product for the spectator. Our partnership with Sportable speaks to this vision, it has created a new dimension in terms of engaging with our spectators and will assist teams with technical assessments  as they unpack the data around these newly available ball metrics. It’s an exciting partnership and we’re proud of the results in year one”

“ Sportable's event detection is a game changer!”

Sportable brings about more in-depth stats regarding analysis in specific areas and great technology for educating viewers.Great analytical tool for analysts, with explaining data to back them up and be more informative. The technology is seamless to collaborate and implement.

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