match tracker powered by aws wavelength

Higher throughput, lower-latency,
at a lower price.

What can
‍match tracker do for you?

Match Tracker is a portable ball and player tracking solution which allows rights holders to monetize totally new data streams with sponsors - at no cost to them!

Match Tracker can be set up in any stadium in minutes. There are no cables, or lengthy installation procedures - all our data is delivered over 5G (or 4G) using the AWS Wavelength platform - but from your side this is as simple as connecting to an API or subscribing to an MQTT topic (ask your software team how simple this is!).

Rights holders, get in touch to find out how Match Tracker will empower you
to make the most of your rights. 

Click here to make the most of your rights with Sportable and AWS

Sportable brings real-time insights to rugby games

Using Vodafone Business Distributed Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength, Sportable have been able to roll out its technology more efficiently and without compromising on latency.  Providing affordable real-time insights, resulting in the delivery of tangible benefits right across the sport.