Brett Favre is (Allegedly) Retiring!!!

Another off season of Favre charades might just be over after reports that Brett Favre will not be coming back for the 2010 season.  Well, that only took six months to figure out.  But that’s the essence of Favre, isn’t it?  Bullshitting everyone and flip flopping on even the smallest decisions like whether to have a soup or a salad with lunch.  That’s what got him run out of Green Bay, that’s what landed him in Minnesota, and that’s exactly why I won’t believe it until it’s the first game of the regular season and Favre isn’t the one playing quarterback.  For all we know, he might wake up two weeks from now and decide he feels like taking his job back.  Or, he might just string us along for a few weeks in anticipation of him coming back only to decide that he’d rather hunt armadillos on his ranch in Mississippi.

Here’s what makes Favre a dick; the manner at which he’s gone about his business yet again.  If Favre had retired at the end of the season, the Vikings could have realistically been coming into camp with either Donovan McNabb, Jason Campbell, or Marc Bulger at quarterback.  Instead, they laid it all on the line for Favre only to have him wait until August to call it quits.  The Vikings just went from Super Bowl favorite to a team that might not even make the playoffs with Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels at quarterback.  Thanks Brett!

Like I said, I’m not going to believe he’s actually done until I see it because that’s how this Favre debacle works.  But if he is actually done, you can put me at the front of the line to give him kudos for a Hall of Fame career.  He’s one of the best ever and, as much as I hate the guy, I’m not going to deny how great he’s been.  That being said, the fact that we can all go on with life without the Gunslinger flip flopping on his retirement year after year.  I hate drama, and Brett is the King of it.  Be content with your Wrangler commercials Brett, it’ll make us all happier.

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