The Dodgers Suck. Why?

Yes, I’m alive. Having responsibility sucks, but this article is me giving it the old college try. Sportable isn’t dead, it’s just on life support.

Fresh off consecutive trips to the NLCS, most baseball observers had the Los Angeles Dodgers pegged for a return trip to the postseason, or something very close. But a once promising season has turned sour, as Joe Torre’s crew has suffered through two different five-game losing streaks since mid-July. They sit eight games out. Season over? Not quite. But they’re well on the way.

Obviously, there’s some extenuating circumstances here. The pending divorce of the McCourts has distracted the club much like the Moores’ 2009 divorce in San Diego. I get that. But there’s incompetence all over the place here, from Ned Colletti all the way down to baseball’s worst situational left-handed pitcher.

What’s weird about the Dodgers is the obvious schism between young and old. Over the weekend, Colletti shipped off Blake DeWitt, James McDonald, Lucas May, Elisaul Pimentel, Brett Wallach, Kyle Smit and Andrew Lambo for a bunch of veterans that won’t be enough to get the Dodgers over the top (sounds familiar). Of course, some stupid ass analysts are going to praise the moves because they’re moves. Not all deadline moves are good moves. The Rangers got an ace, the Padres got protection for Adrian Gonzalez and the Phillies landed Roy Oswalt for peanuts. The Dodgers got older. I prefer words like upside, potential and youth to the journalism cliches of grit, leadership, experience, and winner.

I don’t want to get into Larry Bowa’s senile rant, Chad at Memories of Kevin Malone already did a damn good job at that. The Dodgers’ best players may be young and immature, but their leadership is incompetent and out of teach with reality. The continuing use of Garrett Anderson and George Sherrill is all the evidence you need. So is Don Mattingly’s stupid ass costing his team an important divisional game.

The Dodgers have great, cost-controlled talent all over the place with the likes of Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Paul, Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuo and Broxton. It’s the veterans that have let this team down, from Torre and Bowa to Blake, Anderson, Weaver and Sherrill. When the dust settles on this lost season, ownership should make two moves: Can Ned Colletti and send Joe Torre packing right behind him. The rest of this division has made a commitment to their youth movement, it’s time the Dodgers did the same.

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  • Bubba Jackson August 17, 2010, 6:36 am

    Finally someone you makes sense.

  • Anonymous August 30, 2012, 11:09 pm

    come back tummy lasagna

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