Rocky Mountain Fail


We all know that Josh McDaniels’ tenure as head coach of the Denver Broncos got off to a well-publicized rocky start, no pun intended. The stability under Mike Shanahan was quickly dismantled, eventually culminating in Jay Cutler’s departure to Chicago. Just weeks after the Broncos traded away their franchise quarterback, it appears more baggage is about to be unloaded in the form of All-Pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall. 

Just like Cutler, it sounds as if the Broncos are more than wiling to satisfy Marshall’s request for a trade. While Cutler handled the McDaniels situation about as poorly as possible, there was still lots of anger over trading a very promising quarterback. Marshall doesn’t have that same goodwill around the league. Consecutive 100+ catch seasons have been overshadowed by 13 arrests or questionings by police since 2004. 13!

However, finding a new home for Marshall will be a bit tougher than other malcontent wide receivers like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Sure, the ability is there. But Marshall has pending court dates in August that should keep him out of action. Marshall was initially suspended for three games to start last season, but only had to serve on game after appeal. There’s a good chance this punishment will be much more severe, as it should be.

It’s hilarious that Marshall thinks he’s in the position to storm out of mandatory team activities and make these demands. But he’s such a destructive presence in the locker room and in society, the Broncos should ship his ass out as soon as possible. These demands now open up the discussion about where he’ll end up. Philadelphia? Baltimore? Oakland? If those don’t work out, I’m sure he’d be unstoppable on the gridiron at Atlanta Penitentiary.

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