Pro Bowl Shapes Up To Meaningless Nonsense….Again

cro pickRaise your hand if you watched the Pro Bowl yesterday. Nobody? Raise your hand if you knew the Pro Bowl was yesterday. Still nobody? Alright, this time raise your hand if you think the NFL should find another way to celebrate its finest players outside of a meaningless game in February in Hawaii.

Assuming that you missed it, the Pro Bowl did in fact happen yesterday. The NFC won 42-30 though the victory holds just about as much relevance as a chimpanzee writing a thesis on molecular biology. Adrian Peterson went nuts (again), Antonio Cromartie had two interceptions (again), and the Patriots representatives got served by the NFC (again).

What are Patriots fans more mad about now; the AFC losing twice in two weeks or the sight of fellow New Englanders basking in 80 degree weather in Honolulu while the Northeast freezes over. I’ll go with the latter. What’s the true value in this game? There’s no blitzing, there’s no effort, and in a desperate attempt to keep ratings fans are now allowed to pick a play. What a bunch of garbage. Show me three hours of the skills competition so I can watch Carson Palmer overthrow receivers and Albert Hanyesworth bench press 400000 lbs. Between that and the old timers game where Michael Irvin attempts to show off and Boomer Esiason shows nothing, I think we can find a compromise for a replacement event.

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