In The Sports World 7-12-07

David Wells is facing a seven game suspension for his tirade last Saturday after being ejected from a game. While it’s true that it took multiple coaches to hold Wells back, the suspension seems a little excessive considering he didn’t touch the umpire. Maybe it was gunning the ball at the backstop that earned him the seven games. This isn’t the first time that Wells has had a run in with umpires and MLB this year, but last time it was after he was called a fatass, so that tantrum was probably a little more acceptable than this time.

The attorney for Pacman Jones contends that Nashville Police were targeting his client. This is probably a valid point, as Pacman might as well be walking around with a big sign that says “Attention all law enforcement officers, please get me in more legal trouble, I need to seem more stupid.” He brings it upon himself though, so there is zero sympathy from me.

What would a press conference involving Don King be without a brawl erupting during the middle of it?

To the surprise of exactly no one, it turns out Scott Boras is a really cocky person. He has guaranteed that A-Rod will become the first player in Major League Baseball to earn at least $30 million per year. It’s hard to argue against this statement, and lets everyone know that there is exactly one team in the running to sign A-Rod.

The Tour-De-France is going on right now, and the sad thing is, about no one in the United States gives half a damn since Lance Armstrong retired and Floyd Landis is under investigation for doping. The Tour might challenge the NHL All Star Games for worst ratings ever, stay tuned for that competition.

The homeless population of Brazil is taking a stand against their government in response towards treatment they have received with the upcoming Pan American Games. The homeless painted murals all over the city as a symbolic protest against the police brutality and eviction of poor families in preparation for the upcoming games. I’m surprised the homeless of Brazil could get as organized and launch such a solid protest, I don’t think anyone in any class in the United States can do anything as effective as that.

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