Matthew Stafford Can Lift a Keg

stafford-keg-custom.jpgIn what may become a more frequent feature on Sportable, drunken quarterbacks are suddenly appearing everywhere around the Interwebs. The culprit this time? Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, who was photographed several times last weekend. He’s posing with a girl, he’s lifting empty kegs (of Gatorade!), and spooning his male friends. Oh, and he’s making strides in Spring Practice, according to head coach Mark Richt.

“Overall it was a pretty good day and it was one of those spring scrimmages were the offense had the best of it. That does not happen very often around here or around the country really. This may have been the best offensive scrimmage since I have been here.”

That was following the Georgia scrimmage in April. Stafford has done himself one better with these pictures. Maybe he’s trying to build up some hype for the Dawgs in 07, maybe he’s trying to take advantage of the publicity that Brady Quinn got with his questionable pictures. Either way, I suppose it’s working. Before this article, we had mentioned Stafford a whopping one time. Now he has his own column! Yay!

Kudos go to Deep South Sports for the find. Another blog, Every Day Should Be Saturday, has also found a gem of Florida sophomore Tim Tebow. Isn’t Facebook great?

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  • ashton March 29, 2008, 7:58 pm

    Mathew Stafford is such a total hottie!!!
    I want to marry him!!!!

  • Stafford Fan December 28, 2008, 9:00 am

    I hope for his sake that the Lions don’t draft him or he will really have a reason to drink.

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