Beware of the Baron

baron beardIs anyone else aware of what is going on up in the Bay Area? I’m not talking about the scuffling A’s or Barry Bonds quest for the home run record. I’m talking about the Golden State Warriors who, as of last night, are now up three games to one on the supposedly unstoppable Dallas Mavericks behind the resurgence of point guard Baron Davis.

Watching the Mavs and Warriors play last night was truly an inspiring event because as I argued with a friend of mine as to whether Baron Davis was a better player than Devin Harris or not (he is, and I still don’t see the argument otherwise), Davis put on an absolute show. The best team in the NBA is currently facing elimination in game five because Baron Davis single handedly picked this team up and carried them to a victory last night. His 33 points, 8 boards, and 4 assists propelled the Warriors, who were down as much as 10 points in the fourth quarter, to a 103-99 win against the defending Western Division Champs. And can we please not overlook how great his lumberjack beard is, especially considering he has no hair on the top of his head. I love it.

I’ll admit that I was one of the many who jumped on the Mavs wagon this season and truly felt that, in a seven game set, nobody would come close to touching this team. Now I am just one of the many who is enjoying eating my words for making those fallacious statements. I’m not saying the Mavs are done, not by a long stretch. Game five will be in Dallas, and a huge win could be all that Dallas needs to get the ball rolling and sweep out the last few games of this series to restore order in the universe. On the other side of the coin are the Warriors, who just need to survive the trek to Dallas and can close the deal in a game six win at Golden State. The fourth win for Golden State will undoubtedly be their most difficult, but if there’s a team that can defeat the Mavs, it’s them. Over the course of the last five months, the Warriors have beaten the Mavs more than any of the other teams in the league combined. Outrageous. While this series isn’t over yet, the Mavs are facing their destiny and I can’t wait to watch Dirk-Bot throw it into high gear while Baron Davis continues to prove to me just how special he is.

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  • World B. Me April 30, 2007, 6:41 pm

    Wait a sec: there is someone in this world who thinks Baron Davis and Devin Harris are comparable players? Long before these playoffs began–and really, anytime since Devin Harris’ birth–this has been a non-argument. Devean George, Devin Harris, Devon White, Neil Patrick Harris, Harrison Ford, and Devon the adult entertainer combined could not beat Baron in a game of 6 on 1 (though the lady Devon has some experience here that can’t be overestimated).

    Sorry to get so bent out of shape over this, but it’s absolutely ludicrous. You can chalk it up to my being a lifelong Warriors fan (with the Chris Webber jersey to prove it–I was going to games when Hammer was courtside, and I’m not that old) who’s understandably a little sick of how long we’ve been the red-headed stepchildren of the NBA (and boy does all this current media love feel good), but at the risk of totally invalidating my objectivity…Devin Harris?! I can’t stand this guy. I haven’t seen anyone flop as consistently and as pathetically since Vlade Divac’s Kings were getting tooled by Shaq and the Lakers year in and year out. His entire defensive game is built on using his (impressive) speed to get in front of other players to take charges. His entire offensive game is built on using his (again impressive) speed to run around with no particular intent, occasionally driving the lane and falling over like he’s just taken a Bill Laimbeer hipcheck. Please. Devin Harris is fast, and that’s it. He’s Herb Washington. Baron Davis is an extraordinary athlete, on par with anyone in the NBA; but he’s also exceptionally skilled as a basketball player. I can’t believe this is an argument. Your friend needs help.

  • ryan April 30, 2007, 9:12 pm

    Kick your friend’s ass.

    There’s not even an argument.

    When Davis is healthy, I’m taking him over ANY PG in the league.

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