Blog Roundup for 4-21-07

hank-aaron.jpgHank Aaron: Swallow Hard and Show Up [Britannica Blog]: With Barry Bonds in hot pursuit of Hank Aaron’s homerun record, much has been made of how Aaron will react to seeing his record fall. So far, he’s been mute on the issue. This blog’s opinion makes some good points: Maris’ family showed up for McGwire and Sosa. Aaron should do the same.

All-Time Greats [The Baseball Analysts]: This Alex Rodriguez guy is off to a really, really incredible start. 12 homers through 15 games? You’re kidding me. It’s a real long season and it’s impossible to think Rodriguez will finish with over 130 homers. But what about breaking Maris’ Yankee record of 62? Very possible.

Root Root Root for the Away Team [LAist]: Whenever I’m at a game, I have no problem with opposing fans. Some are real knowledgeable and know what’s happening. Then there’s the other assholes that make it their purpose to piss off everyone around them. Here’s some rules to follow if you’re going into enemy territory.

Tim Hudson Is Throwing Pure Filth [Biased and Unintelligent]: I’ll be honest, I thought Tim Hudson would never return to his past glory. But so far this year, he’s been absolutely nasty. Hudson is 3-0 with an ERA of 0.62 for the suddenly resurgent Atlanta Braves. Smoltz and Hudson anchoring a rotation could make for an exciting summer in Atlanta.

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