Who wants a Big Mac?

The Chicago Bulls have suddenly become my favorite basketball team. During a game against the New York Knicks, the Bulls ran a promotion which would have given everyone in the crowd a free Big Mac from McDonalds if the Bulls scored 100 points. Unfortunately they didn’t quite reach 100. To make matters worse, the Knicks didn’t take too kindly to this Spurrier-like tactic.

With about two minutes remaining in the game, Chicago already had the game in hand and were close to scoring 100 points. At this point, fans were not chanting, “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye.” They were chanting, “We want a Big Mac.” With the entire United Center hungry for a post game snack, the Bulls decided to try to give back to the fans, and went for triple digits. Needing only 2 more points, Chris Duhon and other Bulls bench players began throwing up shots. The Bulls attempted four shots in the final 1.04 and missed all of them. The game ended 98-69 in favor of Chicago.

The Knicks were outraged by the whole ordeal. Eddie Curry took it personal and said, “I think they were definitely trying to rub it in, but we’ll see them next year.” Well Eddie, when you see them next year, the Bulls will have another post-season appearance under their belts and you won’t. Chris Duhon claimed there was no intention whatsoever to rub in the loss, “We just wanted to do something for the fans. I don’t cook at home so I wanted one for myself.”

The sad part about this whole story is not that the Knicks are upset about getting the score run up on them, it’s how the Bulls didn’t reach 100 points. I couldn’t care less if Isiah Thomas is complaining; if I was in attendance and the Bulls were shutting out New York 98-0, I still would have wanted Chicago to go for 100. I applaud the Bulls for going out their way to give back to the fans. Bulls fans have waited for this team to get back on the map after the championship years and now they’re doing it. Hopefully for the fans sake, the promotion runs into the playoffs where the Bulls will face Orlando or New Jersey. The Bulls have already scored 100 points on both teams this season.

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