Durant Set To Own Stern

kevin durant prosGet ready Kobe, Dwyane, Melo, and LeBron. Kevin Durant officially declared for the NBA Draft today after speculation that he might return for his sophomore year.

Durant, who would have probably made the jump to the NBA out of high school if it weren’t for the one year in college rule, absolutely dominated the NCAA at Texas. There was rumors that Durant loved college and that he would return to Texas for his sophomore year. Go ahead and trash any of those rumors and start printing Kevin Durant Boston Celtics Jerseys. Durant, who in my opinion still needs to put on some muscle, will undoubtedly be exciting to watch at the next level.

In all likelihood, Durant will be heading to Boston to play along side Paul Pierce. In his one year in college, Durant proved that he could take over games with his shooting ability and with his defensive skills. I expect these traits to translate to the pros, where his height will play to his advantage at the small forward position where he’ll likely be put. I’m excited about the prospect of him trying to D up LeBron or trying to cross up Carmelo on a drive to the hoop. Best of luck to you at the next level, Kevin. It’ll be exciting to watch.

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