Blog Roundup 4-1-07

billy-d.jpgUCLA Cheerleaders Find Joakim Noah Unattractive [Mighty MJD]: This article was actually written following last year’s game between Florida and UCLA. But I’m sure the same thing happened last night. Joakim Noah may be a douche (as I’ll get to later on) but he’s still a guy anybody would want on their team. Hate him or not, he’s getting the last laugh every single time. It’s good to see Noah put another group of airheads in their place.

One of these Men Does Not Play Basketball [Deadspin]: This is what I meant when I said Joakim Noah is a douchebag. Horford, Brewer, and Green had no problem smiling. But what the hell is Joakim doing? Wow.

Turns Out Carl Pavano Ain’t So Smart [Biased and Unintelligent]: I despise Carl Pavano. He’s a pansy but yet, he was married to a Maxim model. But he’s also among the biggest dumbasses in sports. Pavano was dumped by his hot model wife because he cheated on her. Then she insulted his pitching. Owned.

Donovan Should Stay Put [Valentine's View]: Sticking with the theme of this Florida team, I’m inclined to agree with this blogger’s views. Kentucky has been making the news for actively pursuing Donovan during the Final Four, a shady move to say the least. But why would he go to a place with unrealistic expectations? Tubby Smith was thrown out on his ass after winning a handful of SEC titles. Why would Donovan move to Rupp Arena when he can possibly put his own name on Florida’s arena.

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