StyleWatch: Jerseys to Buy 3-22-07

unlv basketball jerseyRich’s Jersey to Buy: UNLV Basketball Jersey. Did anyone besides Ryan expect them to upset the Wisconsin Badgers in the second round? Me neither. Behind super senior Kevin Kruger, this team has the potential to shock third seeded Oregon.

grillmaster.jpgRyan’s Jersey to Buy: Grillmaster. To hell with a Manny Ramirez jersey. Get a bit creative and customize yours as Grillmaster. Ramirez’s barbecue fetched $100 million on eBay before being taken down. In the process, his name is back in the news. He’s quite the self-promoter.

johnnson.jpgSonny’s Jersey to Buy: Jimmie Johnson. In his #48 car Jimmie Johnson is completely taking control of NASCAR. Johnson is coming off back-to-back victories as he and his crew ride into Bristol Motor Speedway this weekend. Get ready and get suited, because Jimmie is driving his way to another Nextel Cup Championship.

porter.jpgKevin’s Jersey to Buy: Joey Porter. You know you’d buy this jersey just to be a badass. How many people do you know that would take on an offensive lineman at a blackjack table at the Palms. That’s exactly what I thought. First off he had to be careful for the Maloof brothers, then he had to worry about Levi Jones out sizing him, but Porter doesn’t care, because he’s a true badass like that.

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