Snake Hangs It Up

plummer-flipoff.jpgIt’s a shameful event to report but I have to. The Jake Plummer era is over. Plummer had been part of trade talks between the Broncos and Buccaneers and sources say the teams had agreed on a deal, with Tampa Bay sending a 4th round pick to the Broncos for Plummer’s services. Snake didn’t want any of that, so he hung it up.

But according to a league source, Plummer has decided to retire, nullifying the deal that would have sent him to Tampa Bay. Plummer apparently was not interested in joining a team which would not name him to an immediate starting spot, which the Buccaneers refused to do.

Tell me Jake, how many teams would hand you the keys to their franchise? I sure as hell wouldn’t. Talks of Plummer going to Houston never really developed beyond the initial speculations. That may have been a good fit, reuniting Plummer with former Broncos’ offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. But once Plummer realized he’d be fighting a guy with a busted spleen, he axed the deal.

Time will tell if Plummer’s retirement sticks. He’s only 32 and if he was put into a good system, he might have some success. He still has plenty of mobility. Unfortunately, his decision making has gotten worse over the years. This is a guy that went 13-3 two seasons ago, only to lose his job to an untested rookie the next year. That’s the legend of Jake Plummer, a guy with all sorts of talent but lacking any brainpower to make it work.

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