The Battle for the Lone Star

kevin durantThe best of tonight’s college basketball action will take place in Texas, as the Texas A&M Aggies will head to Austin to face the Longhorns in a battle that will surely go down as one for the ages. What’s at stake tonight? Well, for Texas, it’s an opportunity to avenge an 18 point loss at the hands of the Aggies in College Station earlier this month. For the Aggies, it’s an opportunity to make a run at a number one seed in the tournament, and a season sweep of the hated Longhorns.

For the Longhorns, it’s all about Kevin Durant. If you haven’t watched him play at all this year, take the time to watch this kid play tonight. He’s an absolute freak. Imagine Kevin Garnett with the ability to make a shot from anywhere on the floor. Thats Durant. Don’t sleep on freshman D.J. Augustin either. He runs this offense, and is averaging 12 points a game for the Horns, which is pretty impressive as a frosh. The inside game is where the Horns may get burned tonight. Aside from Durant, they don’t have much else in the paint and, if Durant struggles to get rebounds (which he probably wont), don’t expect much from the other guys. Conner Achtley is the oldest guy in the front court, and he’s only a sophomore.

On the other side of the ball, the Aggies are flat out loaded with talent. It all starts at the point with senior guard Acie Law, who is ambidextrious and isn’t afraid to go to the lane or shoot jumpers with his left or right hand. Don’t underrate that ability, because it’s much more difficult to guard a player who can shoot with either hand. When the second half rolls around, look for the Aggies to go to Law, who is money at the end of the game. Aside from Law, the Aggies boast one of the top three point shooters in the land with sophomore Josh Carter. Carter is a great second scoring option for the Aggies, and is virtually fearless when it comes to shooting the ball. Inside, the Aggies roll with the big Lithuanian, Antanas Kavaliauskas. Kavaliauskas brings the stereotypical Eastern European ability to shoot and rebound, and can take over the game if necessary.

I expect a great game tonight between the Aggies and the Longhorns. It’s always going to be great when the 7th and 15th teams in the nation meet, but this one has an underlying rivalry to boot. When it comes down to it, expect Kevin Durant and Acie Law to be going head to head at the end of the game.

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