I Don’t Believe Carl Pavano

pavano-custom.jpgCarl Pavano has decided to quit being a bitch. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he has this in him. The former Marlins flash-in-the-pan hasn’t pitched since June 27, 2005. The reason? A variety of injuries, including a bruised buttocks. No joke, the guy’s ass was bruised. Then he was involved in a car accident that injured some of his ribs. The only problem was he didn’t tell the Yankees until two weeks after.

Pavano has spent the winter busting his un-bruised ass in a fight to be a part of the Yankees rotation in 2007. I can respect that because we know the guy has talent. He won 18 games for the Marlins in 2004 and was a big part of their World Series run in 2003. But ever since he joined the Yankees for $40 million, he’s been content to sit on the bench, “unable to pitch.”

His work ethic has been questioned by lots of his fellow teammates, which is never good. It’s one thing when you’re busting your butt trying to get healthy. It’s another when your commitment is being called out. Mike Mussina says Pavano “needs to earn the trust from the players, the coaches, the manager and the organization.” When you don’t report an injury until the day you’re supposed to come off the DL, that comes off as a bit sketchy.

The good news for Pavano is that the Yankees rotation isn’t very deep or impressive. If he actually shows effort, he should be able to slide in the rotation with Mussina, Andy Pettitte, Chien-Ming Wang, and Japanese import Kei Igawa. Now he just needs to get off his ass and make the effort, something that’s apparently foreign to this guy.

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