A Letter to the A’s

coo jobDear Billy Beane,

Did I miss the chapter in your book about firing your manager after he lead you to the ALCS? Because that’s what you did this past weekend, and although I’m not a MLB general manager I’m smart enough to know how stupid that is. We’re talking about a guy who brought together this team and made them produce. This is the same team with noted idiot Milton Bradley, who is such a bum he has a whole section on wikipedia devoted to his “controversial moments,” as well as Frank Thomas who evidently was a clubhouse cancer. Macha was able to make these guys play well together, and that is not something every manager can do. Macha has also done a good job with controlling his young talent, and his young pitching. In his four years with the A’s Macha has won two AL West titles and has finished in second the other two years. His team has never won less than 88 games. So I ask you this Billy Beane, how do you fire a manager with a track record of success in your moneyball world, where you know that not everyone can succeed? Unless you already have someone lined up who you know can do this well for the team (Joe Girardi?) then this is an incredible mistake. Good luck with your A’s in ’07, a new manager wasn’t the right thing to do to this team.


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  • Rick October 18, 2006, 12:04 pm

    Billy and his publishers will be releasing an updated version of his book shortly – they’ve found the missing chapter.

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