Finally, a Good Idea in Broadcasting

lung cancer is coolWhoever is behind this idea of interviewing coaches dugouts during MLB playoff games is really onto something. These interviews with the managers, including Jim Leyland, Ron Gardenhire, and Ken Macha, have really been insightful and entertaining. I know many of these gimmicks have flopped before, including but not limited to, the historically atrocious idea of the “floor cam,” but I have a feeling this one is different. I don’t want to see up the shorts of a bunch of NBA players. I do however, want to hear the thoughts of coaches on the sidelines during the middle of games.

Yes the halftime reports at the NFL games are decent, but let’s face it: it’s just the same rehashed BS over and over again. I’m not pushing for the removal of sideline reports, no they bring far too much to the table. Without the sideline reporters we wouldn’t have drunk former players asking for kisses, or get up to date injury reports.

What we need is more direct interviews with the coaches. Have the headset always at the ready to catch necessary sound clips. The interviews are always entertaining and offer much insight, but just imagine the possibilities. The awkwardness during an interview with Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons after he challenged Shea Hillenbrand to a fight would have been priceless. It would have been even better after he did fight pitcher Ted Lilly. And think of the tangle managers would be in as they try to dodge questions about why their pitcher and catcher brawled in the dugout.

And we’re not stopping at baseball, no, we’re talking all the major sports. Imagine interviewing Larry Brown last year as he sat on the bench and watched in horror as there was nothing he could do to help his struggling Knicks team. Now think about how much better it would be to interview Isiah Thomas this year as the Knicks struggle to an even worse finish. “So Isiah explain to us again how you got your team the highest payroll in the league, no draft picks, and still managed to finish with only 23 wins.” Just the thought is wonderful.

Then again, there are some coaches who might be better off without the interview. I think any attempt to interview Art Shell would wind up with dead air, since, as far as I can tell, he is completely unaware when a game is being played. But even that would be hilarious, and these bad interviews would certainly be offset with great ones. So let’s make a push for this to happen , I want more awkward managerial interview moments, and less of the pre-planned responses. I want good entertainment from my sports.

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